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No Sale No Fee Special Finance Leads


Special Finance Leads



We combine our experience and creative approach and commitment to quality with a passionate team of professional lead generation development experts to work with any size auto dealership delivering strong ROI in today’s market.


Stop wasting time & resources on fraudulent non-qualified leads and third party leads that have been sold to multiple dealerships & third party lead vendors. You only pay for a lead if it produces a sale no sale no fees period.



We work hard to bring you real car buying customers to your dealership. from Internet advertising, banners search engine optimizations, and pay-per-click to radio television, print and beyond.

We know what it takes to generate results from your customers, and how they can help you make the most of your special finance customers with less advertising costs or fees paid to other lead companies that charge you per lead. Our customer’s data is checked and verified for validity using real people! The customer’s data will be delivered to you using your preferred delivery method by fax, email and or secure web post to your CRM.


Auto dealerships looking to sell more new cars will find that our "No Sale No Fee" program is a great fit for any size dealership new or used. Our exclusive leads match serious car buyers within our network of exclusive dealerships through our award winning portals, with our program dealers can sell more vehicles and only pay for a lead when the vehicle is sold and funded no fund no fees period! We will supply your dealership with fully completed credit applications and all data has been verified for validity and down payment.


Exclusive Dealership Agreements

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We offer exclusive 25-50-100 mile 100% exclusive territory agreements for qualified dealerships we do not buy leads from any third party lead generators as we harvest our own leads through our own vast network of websites & portals and publications.

At Auto Credit Financial it’s important to us that we provide our dealers with only the highest quality customers. Our policy assures you that we stand behind our product. Auto Credit Financial offers qualified auto dealers 100% guarantee lead for lead replacement at no cost for any invalid applicants.


Special Finance Lenders


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