Mark Hergert CEO | More Ways to Secure Bad Credit Auto Loans

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Last month, we gave you three tips on how you can get a car or truck loan when you have bad credit.

Now we’d like to share a few more tips that can point you towards an affordable auto loan with excellent terms and a low interest rate, even when you have credit issues.

Ways to Get a Bad Credit Car Loan

auto credit financial cars keys handsBring Proof of Income and Other Documents
When you start working with lenders, it helps to have documents like proof of income and bank statements ready. These documents display your monthly earnings and help you show that you are capable of handling a car or truck loan.

There are many documents that you should have ready, including tax forms, account deposit slips, and even a pay stubs. While these won’t guarantee a loan, they will go a long way towards the final goal of affordable financing on a high-quality vehicle.

Make Steps to Improve Your Credit
This may be more of a long-term process, but making the right steps to improve your credit can have a significant impact, and it may improve your score faster than you think. You can improve your credit in many ways, such as keeping a low balance on your credit cards and paying your monthly bills on-time with tools like monthly reminders and automatic payments.

Also, doing a thorough check on your credit score couldn’t hurt - there may be something in your credit history that should be removed, and this could provide a quick bump to your rating.

Work with Auto Credit Financial
Auto Credit Financial is the quick and easy online source for high-quality car and truck loans. Because of our excellent lenders and multiple dealers, we’ll help you get the loan you need no matter what your credit. Our lenders are ready to help you get affordable financing, and our network of dealers has the right car or truck in your area.

Try it for yourself - fill out a Pre-Approval Form and we’ll get starting finding a lender who wants to work with you.

Get Your Car or Truck Loan Now

You can have a great car or truck loan, and we can help. We’ll get you pre-approved and help you find the best car, truck, or SUV for your specific needs.

No matter what your credit score, Auto Financial Credit is here to help.

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