So you finally made it out of the house and you’re on your way to college! You have your whole life ahead of you, but first you need to make it through your courses and graduate in one piece.

Mark Hergert, CEO of Auto Credit Financial, strongly believes in the importance of education, and he wants to do what he can to make the college experience as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. One of the ways that Mark can help is through affordable auto loans for first-time buyers.

b2ap3_thumbnail_Auto-Credit-Financial---First-Time-Car-Buyer-Loans.jpgTransportation is essential for your college experience. You need to drive to class, group study, social functions, and more. At some schools, you may be able to rely on the bus, taxis, rides from friends, and even the subway, but these all have their drawbacks. After all, who wants to constantly hassle a friend? And we all know how reliable the buses and taxis can be...

The truth is, even if you are a first-time car buyer with no credit whatsoever, Mark Hergert and Auto Credit Financial can help you get the loan you need.

All you need is a good job that you have been in for at least six months, and you’ll likely be able to get a loan without a cosigner. Now that’s living independent!

Even if it’s a part-time job, you can still find the auto loan you need for a high-quality vehicle.

The Benefits of First-Time Auto Loans

Getting an auto loan and establishing your credit has many benefits. Obviously, it allows you to drive a reliable vehicle with a manageable monthly payment. But it also pays off in the long run, well after the vehicle is paid for. When you make regular monthly payments on your first-time auto loan, you will quickly establish a strong credit score. This will help you qualify for even better auto loans in the future, meaning you’ll have access to newer, more impressive cars. Establishing your credit early will also help you achieve the American dream: home ownership.

Affordable Car Loans for First-Time Buyers

If you are ready to purchase your first vehicle, work with us and get an auto loan that perfectly fits first-time buyer. You can get the transportation you need for your college life, and we would be proud to help.

You can establish your credit while driving a wonderful vehicle, so fill out a Pre-Approval Form and let’s get started today.

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Knowing that you have a bit of a credit problem might make it very difficult for you to get financing through banks or credit unions. Banks are Tier 1 lenders which mean they are only willing to approve loan application for people with prime or good credit scores.

When you know you have a bad or very bad credit you will have to consider an alternative option. You will have to find automobile financing through a lending institution that specializes in helping people with bad credit scores to get approved for auto loans.

Making use of a lender who specializes in bad credit loan applications will make your life much easier and safe you a lot of hassle and embarrassment throughout the application process.

 So if you are unsure if you should apply for your automobile financing through a bank, credit union or bad credit lender here is a rough guideline of different credit scores. First find out your credit score then have a look through the following table and find out where you stand in terms of your credit score, so that you know the different options available to you.

Credit Score




You have  prime credit

Banks, credit unions or any other tier 1 lender.


You have good credit

Same as above


You have subprime credit

You will be able to secure financing, albeit at a slightly higher cost.

490 - 570

You have bad credit

Consider alternative options, find a lender that specializes with bad credit financing.


Hopefully by now you have found out your credit score and know in which category you fall under. If your credit scores falls under the last row in the table (490-570) you will need to find a lender who specializes in bad credit automobile financing.

Auto Credit Financial is a bad credit lender who works with people whom have bad credit scores. Auto Credit Financial can help you rebuild your credit and will work out a financing option that is right for you. Premiums are affordable and come with low interest, even if you have bad credit. You can even make use of the loan application calculator on their homepage to see exactly how much your monthly premiums will be, before you apply.

Visit Auto Credit Financial today and let them help you work out an automobile financing option that will work best for you.






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Question Submitted by Michael

I will be honest I have a bad credit rating having had some issues with re-paying loans in the past. However I have learnt my lesson and I am looking for someone who will give me a second chance.

 That being said I have heard some real horror stories regarding bad credit automobile lenders. I am looking for some advice to try and get a good deal even with my bad credit score. While I realize I will be paying a bit more interest on my loan than prime lenders, I want to try and steer clear of those astronomical interest rate loans where you end up paying back 3 times more than you borrowed. Any tips or advice would be appreciated.  


There are so many bottom-feeders out there, that are ready to pray on you with your bad credit, and take advantage of your unfortunate situation.

These horror stories regarding auto credit loans gone wrong which you are referring to in your question are often because these auto credit lenders say something, that sounds amazing, but then the fine print says something completely different.  Add “astronomical” interest rates to the mix and you are bound to expect repeated calls and threads of repossession when you are a few days late on repaying your auto credit loan.  

As a general guideline be more wary of auto credit lenders that insist you must buy your new vehicle through their partner dealerships.  As you can imagine when the dealership partners with an auto credit lender the dealer will get a kickback, which is a payment made to the dealer facilitating the transaction. However you will end up paying for this as the “fee” will be concealed in the price of the vehicle.

How to stay away from bad auto credit loans:

Option 1: Banks and credit unions

Your first step will probably be to apply for automobile financing through your local bank or credit union. Banks and credit unions are historically the best options for obtaining automobile financing, but it can be difficult to get an auto credit loan approved through them, unless you have a very good credit rating.

You mentioned in your question you have a bad credit rating so likely option one is not going to work for you. What I am going to say next is something you probably don’t want to hear but possibly there is a reason why the banks declined your application for a credit loan? It is always a good idea to rethink your priorities and try to pay cash for something you want. Now that I got that off my chest I realize it is not always a feasible option to everyone.

Option 2: Finding a good bad credit lender

Finding a good bad credit lender is easier said than done. However I too have struggled in the past with a bad credit rating and can sympathize with your situation. The good thing is from experience I can recommend you a good bad credit auto lender.

Auto Credit Financial is the exception

Auto Credit Financial is the exception when it comes to bad credit auto lenders. They offer affordable automobile financing options with reasonable interest rates. It is extremely rare to find a bad credit lender that will report your timely monthly payments to credit unions yet that is exactly what Auto Credit Financial does for their customers and that is how they helped me to improve my credit rating.

If no credit union or bank will help you to get automobile financing and you cannot afford to pay cash for what you want Auto Credit Financial is your best bet when it comes to “safe” affordable auto loans. They have been in the business for years with a proven track record. You can check out their website here. Remember responsible lending and timely repayments are the key to improving your credit score. Good Luck!





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Getting automobile financing will heavily depend on your credit score. The tough financial times Americans experienced in recent years damaged many people’s credit rating.  This is always going to make it a bit of a struggle for many buyers to get, affordable, low interest rate financing on a new or used vehicle.

Therefore it is essential to understand exactly where you stand with regards to your credit score as your credit score is usually the most significant factor when it comes to securing automobile financing. It is important to understand how you can improve your credit rating to help you get a better deal when it comes to automobile financing

Check your credit score to find out for what sort of loan you can qualify for. A score of 700+ is considered good to excellent, where a score of less than 600 makes you a sub-prime lender.  The latter might still be enough to get you financing but expect higher financing rates than prime borrowers would have to pay.

There are numerous options out there for sub-prime Customers with a bad credit rating. Unfortunately, as mentioned above, you can expect higher financing costs. However this is not always the case as there are a few excellent bad credit lenders out there you just need to know where to find them.

Auto Credit Financial is one of the leading bad credit lenders out there. They have a proven track record having helped many people rebuild their credit scores, by providing affordable, bad credit auto loans.

When you need a car sooner rather than later even with your bad credit rating visit Auto Credit Financial today. They provide an impressive array of services on their website. You can apply for an affordable pre approved auto credit loan. After you applied you will receive an answer within minutes to see how much you qualify for and what your monthly down payments will be. However it does not stop there. Once you got your auto credit loan approved you can now make use of their extensive network of new and used cars to find the perfect car for you.

There are real bargains to be found and should you decide to go with a used car Auto Credit Financial will even help you check the cars history to make sure you are buying a solid reliable vehicle.

Now that you got your auto credit loan approved and found a car or truck that is right for you it is time to start rebuilding your credit score.

There are numerous things you can do to improve you credit score in no time. The most obvious is to make sure you always make your monthly repayments on time and pay of as much of your loan as quickly as you can.

Auto Credit Financial will keep record of your timely repayments and pass this on to credit unions, thus they can also help you to improve your credit rating.

To conclude, just because you have bad credit does not mean you have to settle for expensive financing with sky high interest rates. Auto Credit Financial can help you get an affordable auto credit loan, help you get a good deal on a new or used car, and they can even help you to improve your credit rating.

To settle for the rest when you can go with the best, visit Auto Credit Financial today.





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Auto Credit Financial is one of the best in the business when it comes to helping people, with bad credit to secure an auto loan. At Auto Credit Financial we work tirelessly to help prospective new or used car buyers obtain automobile financing.

 We realize no one is perfect and sometimes mistakes happen, even to the best of us. Therefore at Auto Credit Financial we believe everyone deserves a second chance when it comes to automobile financing regardless of financial background.

While many banks, credit unions or dealerships are less sympathetic when it comes to approving auto credit loans to people with bad credit scores. Auto Credit Financial is different. We want to help those in need of automobile financing to get that car or truck they deserve.

Our expert staff off credit advisers deal with 100's of bad credit automobile financing applications daily, and are some of the best in the business. Auto Credit Financial has experience working with individuals with bad credit rating. We are firm believers in the philosophy that everyone deserves the car they desire and credit rating should not be a stumbling block when it comes to obtaining automobile financing.

Not only can we at Auto Credit Financial help you obtain a bad credit loan, we can also help you improve your credit rating, which is very important since it will certainly make life much easier for you in the future.

Auto Credit Financials service is second-to-none. We realize each individuals needs are different, therefore we provide exceptional client service by providing assistance and guidance through every step of the application process until you get your new vehicle. Regardless of financial background Auto Credit Financial has financing options to suit you.

Bad credit auto loan application can become a long, complicated, drawn out process however it does not need to be that way. At Auto Credit Financial bad credit auto loan applications are made simple and hassle free. We have been in the automobile financing business for more than 25 years and therefore we are able to help you secure some of the most affordable, low interest rate auto loans out there. We evaluate each auto credit application in a fair and unbiased way, since we realize each individual’s circumstances and needs are different.  

 Auto Credit Financial can even help you to find an affordable low mileage used car through our extensive network of new and used cars throughout the country. Should you decide to buy a used car we even help you to find out about the used cars history, making sure the car you buy is reliable and trustworthy.

For more information on how Auto Credit Financial can help you find bad credit auto loans, visit our website today.


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Yes having bad credit is never nice. It can definitely hold you back to apply for anything from a credit card to automobile financing. However try not to see your bad credit as bad, be an optimist!

Your bad credit is not the end of the world and there are many alternatives out there. Just because you have bad credit does not mean you will never be able to finance a vehicle. This is often a costly misconception. Now that you know you have bad credit, a loan is just what you need to help you start building up your credit score again. That being said not many banks or lending institutions are going to give you a second chance. Historically these institutions will only accept loan application from people with a good credit score.

Looking at alternatives options.

You need to consider alternative options when it comes to secure financing, with a bad credit score. Fortunately there are many lending institutions that are willing to give you a second chance and help you rehabilitate your credit score. Just a word of causation though. There are two types of bad credit lenders.  You will need to know how to separate the good from the bad. 

Bad, Bad Credit Lenders

I refer to these organizations as bottom feeders; these vultures take advantage of the most vulnerable of people. They carelessly hand out loans with sky-high interest rates. Once you miss a payment you will start getting nonstop calls and repossession will soon follow. Just for them to sell the car to the next sucker out there.

Good, Bad Credit Lenders

These are the types of lending organizations you want to make use of. A good auto credit lender will tell you everything you need to know. They will work with you, to work out a financing option that works best for you. They offer help and advice on how to rebuild your credit and are willing to take your hand to help you get back up on your feet again.

One such organization is Auto Credit Financial they are willing to lend you a hand and help you get back on track with your bad credit rating. Over the years they have helped 1000s of people with bad credit ratings to get affordable alternative automobile financing options.

Auto Credit Financial offers reasonable premiums which you can pay off over a period of 36 to 72 months. Not only do they provide you with reasonable and affordable financing options but they will also help you to improve your credit rating by offering advice and keeping record of your timely monthly payments.

Take the first step to secure automobile financing, and start improving your credit score by visiting Auto Credit Financials website today to see how they can help you.



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Are you looking to urgently secure automobile financing, but don’t want to apply because of your bad credit score? Are you worried that your auto credit loan will get declined?

Well stop worrying. Auto Credit Financial is one of the internet’s leading auto credit lenders; they specialize in helping people with bad credit scores, who might temporarily be going through a bit of a hard time financially. They can provide cheap and affordable loans to first time buyers, should you have no credit history, or to people with bad credit scores






Application is simple and hassle free and you will get an answer within minutes!

Auto Credit Financial wants to help you find the right auto credit deal that is why they have an almost no rejections of auto credit applications!

There are no special eligibility criteria at Auto Credit Financial -regarding auto credit loans. You only need to be a US citizen with a regular income. You should be above 18 years of age and have an active bank account that’s all!

To further ease the process, you can fill in the FREE application form available on their website and get an answer within minute.

Once you received your answer you can now go on and start searching for a new or pre owned car. Auto Credit Financial has a huge network of new and used cars. You can score some great deals on their used car network and I strongly advise you to have a look through there.

However it does not stop there. Should you decide to purchase a pre owned vehicle Auto Credit Financial even helps you to check the vehicles history!

Too often used cars took a bit of a beating over the years and then dealers try to cover it up by making it sound as if it is the deal of a lifetime. They do this by adding a pretty picture and “impressive description”. However by making use of Auto Credit Financials huge selection of new and used cars, and then checking the cars’ back ground you simply can't go wrong!


Visit Auto Credit Financials homepage today, to get your pre-approved loan, and let them help you find the right car for you.     

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At Auto Credit Financial, we make securing an auto credit loan easy and hassle free. We do not want you to worry about getting automobile financing when you need a new car.

Considering  to apply for a loan.

You certainly will have numerous questions and concerns when wanting to apply for an auto credit loan. Will I qualify for the auto loan?  If yes, how much will my monthly premiums be?  You might think - can I even afford to buy a new car or truck during these tough financial times?

These are all reasonable concerns. At Auto Credit Financial, we will help you to answer these important questions, guiding you every step of the way, helping you get  affordableautomobile financing .

The application process

The first step in finding automobile financing with a bad credit score is to know precisely where you stand in terms of your credit rating.  I say this because, new or used car dealers will examine your credit rating when you apply for an auto loan. If you visit Auto Credit Financial’s website they can help you find out exactly what your credit score is.

Knowing exactly what the banks or automobile financiers will see when you apply for automobile financing, you can take corrective actions to help improve your bad credit, thus giving you a better chance to secure an auto credit loan.

You can also fill out an application form on Auto Credit Financials website to apply for an auto credit loan. You will get an answer within minutes. Should your application get approved they can even help you to find  a car that is right for you by making use of their extensive network of new and used cars.

Let me recap that, you can check your credit score, apply for an auto credit  loan, and even find a new or used cars all through Auto Credit Financials website.   

I have a bad credit score?

Simply because you have a bad credit rating does not mean you will not be able to obtain the auto credit loan you want. Auto credit Financial specializes in helping people with bad credit ratings to secure automobile financing. An Auto Credit Financial expert will help you figure out the best, bad credit, auto loan option for your unique situation.

With the help of our automobile financing experts, you will find out just how much you will need to borrow prior to you buying your new vehicle.

 It does not stop there Auto Credit Financial will even help you to rebuild your credit score by giving you sound financial advice and keeping record of timely monthly payments. 



As mentioned above, simply because you have bad credit does not mean you can not get automobile financing. There are numerous options out there for bad credit automobile financing .Often the choice can be overwhelming. However my advice would be to go with a lender who has a proven track record in helping people to find affordable bad credit auto loans. Auto Credit Financial has been in the business for years and by making use of their service you can rest assured you are in good hands. Visit their website today and let them help you find the best financing option for you!

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As a financial adviser it is part of my job to help people with their budgets.


I am writing this post to give you some expert advice, to tell you exactly how to secure automobile financing with bad creditTrue, it would probably be the best option to scrape aside a few hundred dollars and buy an old rusty truck, but not many people are willing to do that in today’s day and age, where you often get judged on the type of vehicle you drive.


So if you are one of those people who will just not settle for an old wreck - even with your bad credit rating, read on. Getting a new car with bad credit is just a matter of a few simple steps. Here they are.


Step 1 - Find out what your credit score is, know where you stand.

I will advise you to go to  Auto Credit Financials homepage and look for the link where it says free credit report , and yes you truly get a free credit report without paying a dime

Usually most new car dealers and used car dealers will be willing to work with you if you have a credit score of around 650+. Do you? Well then move on to Step number 5, if not don’t worry   just continue reading and find out how you can get an auto credit loan with your bad credit rating.


Step 2 – Co-signers

Do you have a mom or dad with a solid credit history? Friend or close family member?  If so ask them to co-sign your auto credit loan application. If you bring a co-signer into a car dealership with a solid credit history you will easily get your auto credit loan approved and drive away in no time. Too proud to ask huh? No worries move on to step 3.


Step 3 – Find a Good – Bad credit dealer.

Find an auto credit lender that specializes in giving people with bad credit scores a new ride, but also make sure the auto credit lender understands and accepts your unique financial situation. 

Here is an example:

If you had a recent foreclosure, debt that is still collectible or had a repossession in recent times find an auto credit dealer that advertises they are willing to work with customers who has debt problems.


My advice, Auto Credit Financial is one such dealership, visit their homepage and find out how they can help you with automobile financing. Auto Credit Financial will tell you all you need to know about your average monthly down payments and bad credit interest rates, which is surprisingly not too high.  


Step 4 –Budget and pay on time 

OK so Auto Credit Financial is sympathetic with your situation and willing to grant you an auto credit loan. Now the ball is in your court. I often find people making the mistake of buying a car which they can’t afford. Often people are over focused on payments and think “I can easily afford a $500 a month premium” forgetting about the bigger picture. Remember you still have numerous other expenses apart from your monthly auto credit loan repayment.


My advice to you is - find a nice, reliable car that is not too expensive, that will get you around for a couple of years and never finance anything over 36 months!

You now have the chance to get that new ride, so don’t go overboard and remember to make your monthly repayments on time as you also now have a chance to get rid of your bad credit rating.


Step 5 –Improve your bad credit score

When I help clients with their budgets, who have bad credit ratings, I tell them “make sure this bad credit loan is your last!”

Start chipping away on that bad credit rating - As mentioned above make sure to pay your monthly premiums on time and even try to pay the auto credit loan of before the due date. This will give a tremendous boost to your credit rating.




As you would have noticed after reading this post, getting a bad credit auto loan is not impossible. Thanks to Auto Credit Financial who are always willing to help. Yet as a finance guru, I would have to advise you to try and get your credit rating improved as soon as possible as this will save you a lot of money, and embarrassment in the long term. Live, life with good credit!




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There are lots of excellent automobile financing choices out there, but sadly for individuals with poor credit the choices are limited.

Look at all the, 0% interest automobile financing offers on new cars currently being offered by numerous of the leading car manufacturers these days, like General Motors and Ford.

 Both often drop the big 0 before many of their automobile financing deals, but without having a good credit rating, for instance 700+, you could quickly end up on the short end of the stick.

Automobile financing with bad credit

Plenty of dealerships even offer alternative financing options when it comes to people who do not meet their zero percent automobile financing criteria, yet these alternative financing options lack the appeal or benefits that made you enter the dealership in the first place.

An alternative option might be to try and get automobile financing through banks or credit unions.  Having said that, these choices may not be available to you, in case you have bad or sub-prime credit.

In case you are in need of automobile financing and you have bad credit your best choice is going to be, to go with, an auto credit lender that specializes in bad credit, giving you the most options. 

Auto Credit Financial works with you, to provide affordable, bad credit, automobile financing options!

The advantage of Auto Credit Financial is, not only do you receive an affordable rate but they offer a way to restore your credit rating.

Apply for an Auto Loan Online

Even if you have bad credit and want to obtain automobile financing, or even if you put zero down, we have an automobile financing options that can work with you, rather than against, helping you get back on the streets with your new ride in no time.

With Auto Credit Financial’s extensive network of new and used cars throughout the country you are sure to find some great deals. Apply for automobile financing  for your new vechile and you can get approved within minutes!


Visit Auto Credit Financial and fill out an application form today! It is as simple as click, apply and drive.

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I finished college a couple of years back and have defaulted on my student loans. Am I doomed forever? I would like to buy a new car and would like to find out if it would be possible for me to finance a car with my bad credit?


First off ask yourself do I really need a new car, and has my financial situation since improved to such an extent that I can now afford to take out and repay a loan?

If you answered yes, then there is hope for you. You are certainly not doomed forever as you mentioned in your question and there are some institutions which will help you find an auto loan even with your bad credit score. However often it can be a difficult choice to decide which bad credit lender to make use of. You now have to go about rehabilitating your credit which means you will need to get a loan and ensure you make your monthly repayments on time. A very important choice when it comes to choosing a bad credit lender is to find one that will work with you rather than against. You want to find a bad credit lender who will report your timely monthly repayments to the credit unions. This will ensure, over time that your credit rating will start to improve.

Not many bad credit lenders will do this however but there are a few. One of them is Auto Credit Financial. They are willing to give you a second chance and are willing to help you improve your credit rating by reporting your timely monthly repayments. They also offer some of the best low interest, bad credit, auto loans out there. Applying for your auto credit loan is a straightforward process and you will know within minutes if your loan is approved or not.

Another piece of advice I can give you is to try and pay off as much off your auto credit loan as quickly as you can. This will also give your credit score a tremendous boost.

I hope you found this advice helpful

Good luck





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A couple of months ago my old trusty Datsun truck finally gave in. It’s funny how you develop a relationship with your car/truck over time. I had my Datsun since I was 17 and drove it till after college. We shared so many good (and bad) memories together. It is in my Datsun that I first kissed the girl of my dreams, while we looked out over lovers’ lane. That road trip, after high school with my mates in the back of my truck I will never forget.

Although old and unfashionable I loved my truck but as everything in life there comes a time when you have to let go, and after 10 years of loyal service, I had to finally say my goodbyes. Laugh all you want at this but I loved my truck, I really did.

Anyway I was suddenly faced with a bit of a problem. I tried to apply for automobile financing through numerous banks but all my auto credit loan applications got declined because I had  no credit rating. Jeez, what do you expect from a guy who just finished college? I was a poor student still looking for my first job. Like most students I had very little money to my name thus buying a new or used car was not something I could afford. I was in need of automobile financing but no one wanted to approve my loan. I really needed some wheels.

It started getting very embarrassing having my mom drop me off at my girlfriend's home and then my girlfriend driving me back home again. I started to worry just a bit. I needed to find an auto credit loan and fast!

I did ask my dad to lend me some cash, but his answer was we spent a small fortune on your student loan already – I felt bad about this so I was not going to push him.

Then it occurred to me. My friend Andrew, who was not much better off financially than I was at the time, recently bought a very nice used car. How on earth did he manage to get an auto credit loan, I thought to myself?

I decided to give Andrew a ring to find out how he managed to get automobile financing for his used truck. He said I could have saved a lot of effort for myself had I called sooner.

He told me about this great auto credit lender called Auto Credit Financial who is willing to give students with no credit rating a chance, to get some automobile financing. Big up to them, I might add, someone needs to give you a break if you have no credit rating. I mean how can you start building a credit rating if no one wants to give you any loans to start with?

Long story short I followed Andrews advice and went on over to Auto Credit Financials homepage.

I read up on everything I needed to know, it was pretty straight forward. I then went on, to apply for my auto credit loan, and guess what...they were willing to help!

They were willing to give me a pre approved loan, at a low interest rate. They offered me flexible and affordable repayments which I could payback over a period of 32 months (That’s 4 years!)  They even went as far as saying they would keep record of my timely monthly repayments to help me build a credit score. How nice!

With the help of Auto Credit Financial I now drive around with a 2008 Mazda Bantam truck. It is a pretty descent truck and I enjoy going on long Sunday afternoon drives with my new set of wheels .

I love my new Mazda truck and slowly I am getting over the loss of my old and trusty Datsun truck which I had for so long.

A big thank you to Auto Credit Financial for believing in me, while no one else did, and giving me the chance to get an auto credit loan even though I had no credit history. I would definitely recommend Auto Credit Financial to anyone struggling to find affordable automobile financing.


Hope you enjoyed reading.

©Mark Hergert
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Trying to buy an automobile while having a bad credit score could be an intimidating process, nevertheless it can be done.

Realize that lenders, be it banks or credit unions,  are going to closely examine your  credit rating before they will provide you with automobile financing.

If they find that you have a bad credit rating (which is often the case) banks or credit unions might be just a tad bit skeptical, to approve the loan.

Too often you hear about loans being declined. If your loan was declined, take comfort in the fact that you can secure automobile financing, online, through Auto Credit Financial.

You might be a bit wary to apply for automobile financing, online, since you would need to give the loan provider some personal information. However Auto Credit Financial processes all their loan applications on a secure server.  Auto Credit Financial approves 100’s of loans daily helping people with a bad credit history to secure auto credit. Auto Credit Financial is one of Americas leading on-line creditors who can easily help you to obtain automobile financing.

As mentioned above even if you have a bad credit history it is still possible to secure a loan. Even if you just came out bankruptcy, or had a tax lien, Auto Credit Financial can still help you!

When you apply for auto credit to buy a new or used car, take some precautions before you buy the car, just to be sure it is the right vehicle for you.

Here follows some advice when you want to buy a car: 

Fuel economy – How many miles per gallon can you get from the car? With gas prices ever increasing the more miles you can get, the better as it will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Know the vehicles history – Make sure the vehicle has not been in an accident. A vehicles that has been in some major accident in the past, tends to give problems in the long run, something which you want to avoid.

Is the price right? – Are you sure the price you are paying for the vehicle is what it is actually worth. Take vehicle depreciation into consideration before buying a used car.

Ok so you now know that you can apply for auto credit, through Auto Credit Financial, even with your poor credit score. You found a vehicle that you want to buy having taken all of the above mentioned advice into consideration now what?

Head on over to Auto Credit Financials home page. Make use of the online loan calculator to see how much you will be paying back each month. If you are satisfied and know that you can afford the monthly premiums, go on and apply for the loan. You will get an answer within minutes after your application and can still get the money the same day.


It is as easy as that getting automobile financing through Auto Credit Financial! That is why Auto Credit Financial is America pre-approved auto loan source.

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When you work with as many people as we do at Auto Credit Financial you discover just how many people need assistance securing automobile financing.

There are quite a lot of people who are trying to get an auto loan with bad credit due to bankruptcy or because they could not get automobile financing from a bank and don't know where to turn to.

If you are one of the above people Auto Credit Financial is here to help you!

When it comes to securing automobile financing, bad credit automobile dealerships appear to have their own rule book when it comes to granting or declining an auto credit loan application.

One dealer might tell you that your minimum income has to be at least over “X” amount to qualify, while another automobile financier may tell you, your credit score is too low.

It can be a complicated and nerve-wracking process, when applying for automobile financing, made even worse if your application gets declined.

Considering online automobile financing can change that.

At Auto Credit Financial we partner with you to help you find a loan that is just right for you, to ensure that you get your auto credit loan approved.

You can get pre-pre approved automobile financing online within minutes. We welcome first time buyers and people with bad credit, because at Auto Credit Financial we believe everyone deserves to get an automobile loan regardless of their credit score.

With our unique Click, Apply, Drive process we can find you the right auto loan with the click of a few mouse buttons. You can even get your loan the same day!

For over 12 years Auto Credit Financial has helped thousands of Americans, all with very different financial situations, to obtain automobile financing.

Visit Auto Credit Financial and find out exactly how we can help you to obtain automobile financing -to get that new car you deserve.





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Having a credit rating below 500 is generally considered a bad credit score, so if you have a credit score below 500, you will have trouble obtaining auto credit. You can nevertheless get automobile financing with a credit score of 500 or less, but anticipate your premiums to be much higher than what prime borrowers will have to pay. On the other hand buying a car and having bad credit is still very possible, however know that not all options may be available to you. Below follows some advice and recommendations in the event that you are considering buying a car or truck while having a bad credit rating.

Go with Auto Credit Financial

People wanting to obtain auto credit, who have bad credit, often, experience their own sets of problems and issues many lenders who do not often deal with people who have bad credit ratings are not used to handling their unique situation.

Does your lender understand what to recommend if you have had a personal bankruptcy, or have experienced prior repossession? Most importantly, would they help you improve your bad credit rating? Should you choose to apply for automobile financing with the help of Auto Credit Financial, they will document your timely monthly payments and assist you to rebuild your credit rating.

Stay on Budget

Do away with fantasies of expensive luxury cars, and accept some financial responsibility. Sure you would like your car to be safe, as well as reliable, to make sure that it doesn't wind up costing you even more dollars then it needs to.  However my advice to you is, set a budget, like only buying a car or truck below $8000, or perhaps less, depending upon your income and needs.

There are several reasons why I recommend this, but the most important reason is smaller down payments. Which is obviously much easier to pay each month and as a result it becomes easier to recover from your bad credit rating, and as soon as you build a better credit rating, you will automatically qualify for a better deal. Thus stay away from purchasing expensive luxury cars and avoid getting tied up in a large loan you cannot afford.

Find an auto credit lender that will work with you, not against you

This sort of goes back to my first point, but you really need someone, who not only sympathize with your past circumstances, but even is willing to work with your current circumstances. Say you have to get a car or truck with a bad credit rating and little money to put down for a deposit, will the bank or auto credit lender you planning to see have options and alternatives to recommend? At Auto Credit Financial, our automobile financing experts partner with you. We understand these types of problems, and have suggestions and alternatives when it comes to people wanting to buy a car with bad credit.

Visit Auto Credit Financial today and let us help you get a deal that is right for you.



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A couple of weeks back I was looking to buy a brand-new car. I knew exactly what I wanted to buy and I could not wait to get behind the steering of my new Ford Focus. Unfortunately for me, my poor credit rating soon put the brakes on getting that new car I so desired. I was devastated.

You see I couldn't afford to buy the car on cash so I had to apply for automobile financing through my local bank. I filled out an automobile financing application and was positive everything would be just fine. The next day I got a call from the bank to inform me that my application, for automobile financing, has been declined because my credit rating was apparently below 600. I was shocked, angry, and sad at the same. I've been banking with these guys for years and now when I want to apply for a simple auto credit loan they just slam the door shut in my face.

I guess after the financial crisis struck banks became more reluctant to hand out loans to people with bad credit.

Out of my own experience I can tell you that if you know you have a bad credit rating don’t even bother applying for automobile financing through the banks, I can already tell you what the answer will be.

However I was determined to get my new car and was not going to let 1 denied auto credit application keep me from getting behind the wheels of my Ford Focus.

I browsed around on the internet to find out what my different options were for obtaining automobile financing while having bad credit.

The choices were overwhelming. Many of these sites promised you the world but when you go into the fine print and actually start with the application process their friendly, inviting website turns into a hostile place, they start bombarding you with questions and require you to submit all your personal information. Something I was not comfortable doing.

However there was one exception. Just as I was about to give up hope, I stumbled upon an Auto Credit dealer called Auto Credit Financial. I was skeptical at first but I thought I would try my luck one last time. I made use of their online loan application calculator to determine how much my monthly premiums would be. I was pleasantly surprised. They offered far better rates than any of the other auto credit lenders I approached. I filled out the online application which was easy and hassle free. After I filled out the application for my automobile financing I received an answer within minutes. They approved me even with my bad credit rating!


I was delighted! The next day I made my way down to the dealership and that same day I drove away with my brand-new Ford Focus thanks to Auto Credit Financial. It just goes to show if you are determined enough to get something it will come to you.  

©Mark Hergert
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Bad Credit Low Interest Rate Loans




Many banks simply refuse to accept auto credit loan applications from people with a bad credit rating.
If you are looking to buy a new car, but are close to pulling your hair out of your head due to sheer frustration,
because all your auto credit loan applications keep on getting rejected don't worry.
Take a deep breath here's what you've got to do.

There are plenty of alternative options, plus what is more fun than shopping for a new car? You might say, "yeah its fun until you to start looking at automobile financing options."True it can be a daunting task trying to get automobile financing with your bad credit score (that is why you are reading this post after all). But here is the thing – it does not have to be that way.

Auto Credit Financial are automobile financing specialists, when it comes to providing automobile financing to people with bad credit. So stop worrying and start looking forward to your new ride!
Don't feel bad, credit problems happen to the best of us, it is just one of those things and you have to face it. Regardless if your bad credit is because of poor spending habits, unemployment or even illness, Auto Credit Financial wants to help you.

Everyone deserves a second chance and that is exactly why Auto Credit Financial wants to help. We will make a fair unbiased decision when evaluating your bad credit loan application. Should you get approved, we offer you low interest rates, long term loans which you can afford while you are recovering from your temporary financial slump.

Auto Credit Financial provides automobile financing for new and used vehicles, regardless of your credit score. We offer exceptionally low, bad credit interest rate loans because we realize even a small percentage drop in interest may lead to you saving a significant amount of money over time. That is what we are all about helping you get, automobile financing while at the same time saving you money.
So, No! Don't feel you have to settle for unreasonable interest rates just because you have bad credit, that is simply not the case. Don't let other lenders trick you into believing that. Visit Auto Credit Financial today, and see what they can do for you.

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Second Chance Automobile Financing With Auto Credit Financial


Second Chance Car Loans

The year was 2007 when the economy unexpectedly collapsed, global recession struck. Suddenly the demand for automobile financing drastically increased. Many folks used to have really good credit scores until; suddenly they found themselves in dire financial straits. With a lot of them defaulting on their loans. Many were forced to declare bankruptcy. It is a sad but true story.

Many of these people were shocked to find out their credit ratings were no longer good enough to obtain a loan through a bank or credit union, usually the best option for automobile financing. It is a difficult and nerve raking process to apply for auto credit through banks if you have a bad credit rating. Too often loan applications get declined and you are forced to turn away, walking out of the bank with your head down, feeling disappointed and embarrassed.

2nd Chance automobile financing with Auto Credit Financial
Here is the good news. When you want to secure an auto credit loan, with a bad credit rating, many people are unaware of the different choices out there.
Auto Credit Financial is America's Pre-Approved Auto Loan Source. Auto Credit Financial specializes in helping people with a poor credit rating to find a loan that suits their unique financial situation.

True, this usually comes at a slightly higher price because of higher risk involved, however as Americas leading pre-approved auto loan source. We can help you to recover from your bad credit rating by reporting your timely, monthly payments. When you apply for automobile financing through Auto Credit Financial, we know exactly how to help you get back on your feet.

Making Bad Credit a Thing Of the Past
That being said, no matter who you choose as your auto credit lender, the only person who can help you regain good credit is you!

Buying a car or truck that you know you can afford the down payments for, will be your best bet to prevent any repeated credit problems creeping in, just until your finances improve, which should be in no time. Providing you make some smart financial choices down the road.

Example: Imagine you want to buy a truck, rather opt for one that you know you can afford instead of the shiny new luxury edition, no matter how much you desire it!

Repaying your loans consistency and on time is the way to go, missing payments is the last thing you want to do, if you would like to improve your credit score. Be wary there are many options for second chance automobile financing, but getting a loan the 3rd time round is highly unlikely!
If you are seeking an auto credit loan and you are determined to improve your credit score, visit Auto Credit Financial and see how they can help you.

©Mark Hergert
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Bad Credit Questions and Answers

Question submitted by John A

I would like to apply for a loan to buy a new vehicle but all the banks turned me down, because I have bad credit. Is it possible to obtain automobile financing from somewhere else? Keep in mind I don't want to pay ridiculously high interest rates, is this possible to obtain a low interest loan, even with my bad credit score? What are my alternatives?

Sarah Answers

Hi John, good question. I do not know what your financial background is. However from experience I can tell you banks usually turns a loan application down because you have bad credit or no credit. If your credit score is spiraling out of control due to financial difficulty, or if you are a possible first time buyer with no credit rating, it is always going to be difficult to get a loan approved.
In your question you mentioned you wanted to buy a new vehicle. Even though some of the banks you applied at declined your loan application, you might be surprised to find out there are still a few other options for you to consider, when it comes to automobile financing.
I'll give you a few safe and affordable tips to get a loan even with a bad credit rating, while at the same time avoiding those high interest rates that you mentioned.
Ok so let's face it you already tried to apply for a loan and got your application rejected so yes, having a bad credit rating is a bit of a stumbling block, when it comes to securing automobile financing.
The banks probably denied your application for auto credit because you do not fit the lending criteria they use when deciding to approve an application for an auto credit loan.

Here are you alternative options:

Consider P2P lending - (NO not the file sharing service!) P2P lending stands for peer to peer lending as you might have guessed. It's an online loan platform which allows you to borrow money from an individual person rather than a bank or credit union. It is still a rather new concept and has only been around since 2006 but it is growing in popularity.
You can either register as a lender or a borrower. When registering as a borrower you fill out some basic info, like how much you would like to borrow, the interest rate you are willing to settle for and the reason why you want the loan (in your case you would type, "I'm looking for automobile financing to buy a new car).

Lenders will review the active applications on the site, and get in contact with you, if they are willing to grant you the loan. Automobile financing is especially common on the P2P lending platform and you should not have too much trouble finding a lender.

You set your own terms.
It takes some time before an auto credit lender makes contact with you.

It is not always easy finding a lender that will agree to give you a low interest auto credit loan.
Approval takes a long time.
You have to submit a small mountain of paper work before your loan gets approved.

BAD CREDIT OPTION 2: Ask Family or Friends for Help
If the banks declined your loan application, and you can't find automobile financing on a P2P lending platform surely your family and friends might help you? However this is a bit of a tricky one as it is never nice to swallow your pride and ask your friends for help. It is important that you treat loans granted from family or friends just as you would treat loans obtained from a bank or credit union. It is always a smart move to draw up some written agreement before accepting the money.

You likely won't pay any interest.
There is some flexibility when it comes to agreeing on the terms of the loan.

You have to swallow your pride.
Lending money from family or friends has often led to disastrous consequences in the past – especially when you can't pay back the loans.

BAD CREDIT OPTION 3: Auto Credit Financial
This is not an advertisement for Auto Credit Financial but rather a story of personal experience.
Like John, I was also in need of automobile financing to get me a new car. I was young at the time and did not really have any credit rating, so all banks turned me down. The P2P lending platform seemed too complicated for me, and asking family or friends for money just wasn't an option.

There are tens of thousands of auto credit dealerships out there who claim they "have the best deal for you", but when it comes to actually getting the loan you start to find out about all the extra charges and high interest rates that you have to pay.

Not the case with Auto Credit Financial! I went to their website and made use of the online loan calculator, which calculated my monthly premiums. It was low so I was a bit skeptical, I then chose to speak with one of the online auto credit advisors, they were very helpful and explained EVERYTHING to me.

Turns out the quote from the online loan calculator was indeed correct!
I applied and got a no obligation pre approved loan. This means that nothing had to be finalized until I purchased my shiny new Ford Fiesta and signed the contract. Auto Credit Financial then went ahead, as promised, and gave me the automobile financing I needed.

I'm just about to pay off my last premium and Auto Credit Financial even helped me build up my credit score!

To get back to John's question, "How can I get automobile financing with bad credit?" The above mentioned are some of your best options, when it comes to securing a loan with bad credit. My advice, to you John, would certainly be to go with OPTION 3 – and make use of Auto Credit Financial as I did. It's going save you a lot of money in the long run. Good luck with your auto credit application!


©Mark Hergert
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For Richer or Poorer – A True Story





This is a true story about some events that happened in my life. I would like to share this with others, so they don't have to make the same mistakes I did, and most importantly so that they can learn from what I did wrong.

Let's start at the beginning. I once was married to a rich, no very rich man. He was making a great deal of money and we were living the life of rock stars. We just bought two apartments, and traveled around the globe frequently, living a life of luxury indeed.
Sitting on a tropical beach in the South of France, little did I know my life was going to change forever within the next few months!

When we arrived back from our trip, things started getting strange. James was not going into work and he was just not himself. I confronted James about this and he told me he lost his job. The company found out he was stealing money for years. I was absolutely shocked to find out about this and needless to say very angry.

However James started getting more and more depressed. I eventually overcame my anger and took on the role of the supporting wife, trying to help James to get back on his feet again.

Fast forward a few months and it looked like James was getting better. He said he found a new job but never really went into detail about it. Sometimes he would be gone the whole weekend, saying he had to go on a business trip. As James was always faithful I never thought he was lying to me, and I had no reason not to trust him. Although I found it strange that he never spoke much about his new job.

One morning the phone rang. It was a debt collector saying, James owed him money. This was very strange to me as we never had the need to borrow money. When James got back from his trip I confronted him about this. His reply was that it must have been some sort of mistake and that I should not worry about it.

I always thought we were sound financially and believed James. However the calls became more and more frequent and James went on more and more "business trips". I realized something was wrong, very wrong!
One night I confronted James, we had an argument and eventually I got the truth out of him. There was never a new job! He was gambling. I found out he used all our savings to pay back gambling money he owed.

For the first time in my life I had to worry about money. I found a job and so did John, after he got out of gambling rehab, but regardless of our duel income we just couldn't afford to make ends meet. Our credit rating dropped from excellent to bad and we were really struggling.

Despite what happened I still loved John and I was willing to give him a second (third?) chance. The years that followed were the hardest of my life. I was working two jobs and John, now having a criminal record behind his name, had to settle for an average, low paying job.

As luck would have it, it was round about this time our car broke down. We certainly couldn't afford to buy a new car. We were in desperate need for automobile financing but who would give an auto credit loan to us having such a bad credit rating?

I heard about an auto credit marketer called Auto Credit Financial and I contacted them. I explained to them our situation and the person I dealt with was very sympathetic. They were willing to give us an auto credit loan even with our bad credit rating. We got the pre- approved loan, went to a used car dealership and signed for an affordable, yet reliable vehicle. Auto Credit Financial went through with the loan application, and the same day we were driving home with our newly bought car.

The following years were hard, very hard, but we bit our teeth and we promised each other we would get through it. We started a new life, minimized our expenditures and made timely repayments on all our loans. John got promoted after a couple of years and was now getting a descent income. I to found a better job and after a few very dark years, I was finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

We eventually recovered and we are now living a happy honest life. We have 2 beautiful kids. John and I are more in love than ever. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Auto Credit Financial for believing in us and granting us an auto credit loan when we most needed it.
What I would like you to learn from my story is that - no matter how bad your situation seems to be, there is always a way out, you just have to believe and keep moving forward!

©Mark Hergert
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