Mark Hergert CEO | Proud Contributor to A Forever Recovery

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Mark Hergert, CEO of Auto Credit Financial, has become a leader in the automotive financing industry, helping connect low-credit buyers with dealerships who can help them find the vehicles they need. 

While Mark is one of the top sources for generating leads and enhancing the auto industry, he is also a leader in the community. Mark participates in many outreach programs, but one of his most cherished tasks is sitting on the Board of Directors at diction treatment facility based in Michigan.




About A Forever Recovery

A Forever Recovery takes a comprehensive approach to addiction recovery, working with each individual to find the best path to a healthy, substance-free life. There are many tracks to recovery, but finding the right path for each person is very important. After all, no two people are exactly alike, and no two treatments will work perfectly for both people. Treatment options at A Forever Recovery include faith-based, cognitive, holistic, indigenous, and self-help options. Mark Hergert, along with everyone at A Forever Recovery, believes that identifying the appropriate treatment for each person is an important first step towards complete recovery. 










With a gorgeous and spacious facility, A Forever Recovery is able to put people in a positive atmosphere that lets them focus on recovery and self-enhancement. Located on a 60,000 square foot facility in Battle Creek, Michigan, the facility features therapy rooms, lounges, walkways, and other areas that create an inviting, tranquil setting. Throughout the facility, the areas feature warm colors and earth tones, with a design that was intentionally created to avoid the feeling of a hospital or clinic. 

As a member of the Board of Directors, Mark is responsible for defining the goals of the program, creating new ideas, and making sure that the program stays committed and focused to helping individuals recover from drug and alcohol addiction. Mark and the rest of the board often work to define new outlets for recovery, and develop ways that the facility, as well as the programs, can be improved. 

Proud to Work Towards a Brighter Future

Addiction, whether it’s drugs, alcohol, or any other form of abuse, can be a major challenge for individuals, as well as family and friends of those affected. Mark Hergert is proud to do what he can to help people move forward with their lives and secure a brighter future. 

Although addiction is one of the most difficult things to overcome, Mark truly believes that through outreach, education, and understanding, every family in America can be free of addiction and its harmful consequences.

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