Mark Hergert CEO | An Example of Good in the Auto Industry

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For some people, the automotive industry can have a bad reputation. A history of unethical sales people, unattainable financing, low product quality, and high fuel-consumption has led some people to see the industry as a necessary evil; good for transportation, but not great for the community or the world.

If you take a closer look at the automotive sector, however, you will find many shining examples of hard-working, ethical individuals who truly care about their community, their customers, and their global industry. You’ll find people who give back to their neighbors and treat people with dignity and respect.

You’ll find people like Mark Hergert, CEO of Auto Credit Financial.

With a passion for the community and an honest concern for low-credit car buyers, Mark is one of the people that makes the automotive sector a top source for philanthropy and outreach.

Helping the Community Through Many Endeavors

Mark Hergert has contributed to the community through many efforts. One of the most useful contributions to through his company, Auto Credit Financial. Mark understands that everyone deserves a reliable vehicle, and he’s made it his life’s work to help people find affordable financing for high-quality cars and trucks. If you have bad credit, you still need to get to work, you still need to take the kids to school, and you still need to live your life. Mark Hergert understands this need and does what he can to help you find affordable auto financing.

Another of Mark’s efforts is his contributions to A Forever Recovery, one of the most comprehensive drug and alcohol addition recovery facilities in the country. Mark is a member of the Board of Directors at the facility, helping determine goals and directions for recovery programs. He makes sure A Forever Recovery stays 100% committed to the goal of drug and alcohol-free families across the U.S.

A Story of Perseverance

Mark Hergert’s story, however, isn’t one of unhindered success and prosperity. Like almost all Americans, Mark started from the ground up. He began his automotive career as a self-employed salesman at the age of 18. Working for dealerships in Oregon, Hawaii, and Michigan, Mark eventually moved out of sales and became an entrepreneur, founding his first company on the basis of the “No Sale No Fee” program, which allowed dealers to work with him at no risk.

Even the financial collapse of 2008 couldn’t keep him down for long, as Mark sold his first company but eventually came back with Auto Credit Financial, which reinvented that “No Sale No Fee” system and allowed Mark to continue his community outreach and philanthropic work.


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