Mark Hergert CEO | 3 Ways That Mark Hergert Helps Your Community

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Mark Hergert, CEO and founder of Auto Credit Financial, is one of the most outreach-driven and community-minded people in the automotive industry.

Between his work connecting car-buyers and quality dealers, helping hard-working people secure affordable financing, and participating in the fight against alcohol and drug addiction, Mark has dedicated his life to the service of others.

Let’s take a closer look at how Mark Hergert of Auto Credit Financial helps your community thrive.

3 Ways That Mark Hergert Helps Your Community

1. Connecting Car-Buyers and Dealers

After working for years in auto sales, Mark Hergert created the “No Sale No Fee” program which is a great tool for connecting car-buyer and dealers. Mark saw that the car-buying experience could be frustrating for many shoppers, and he wanted to help simplify the process by connecting buyers with the right dealerships. Through his system, Mark helps shoppers target dealerships that have the right cars, trucks, and SUVs for their specific needs. The total process is simple and easy, making for less stress and less hassle.


2. Helping Buyers with Bad Credit
Mark knows that practically everyone in the U.S. needs a reliable vehicle, and the same goes for people who have no credit or bad credit. That’s why Mark works so hard to help buyer with bad credit find affordable, reliable vehicles that help them live their lives. Credit challenges can be a frustrating roadblock in the car shopping process, but when you get pre-approved with Auto Credit Financial, you’ll give yourself a great chance at finding the right vehicle for your needs.

3. Improving Credit Scores Across the Country
Mark not only helps buyers with low FICO scores find the right vehicle, he also helps people improve their overall scores through an affordable car loan. Making regular payments on a car loan is one of the best ways to improve your score, and it can pay off in the long-run, especially when you want to buy a house or new property. Thanks to Mark and Auto Credit Financial, thousands of people across the country have found affordable car loans, improved their credit scores, and enhanced their lives.

Your Source for a Great Car Loan

Let us help you find the right vehicle for your specific driving needs and budget.

Fill out a Credit Application and we’ll get started right away!

Auto Credit Financial is proud to connect car buyer with friendly, honest dealers all over the country. Check out our inventory and see what we have waiting for you.

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